Saturday, September 2, 2017

Take on the loneliest supermarket aisle

There was a remarkable photo on social media earlier today of a supermarket in Houston completely empty of all food other than the one vegan section in the refrigerated aisle. This really isn't very surprising because this is both Houston and vegan which are about the least combinable entities you can think of. Vegan food generally tastes like a wet boot and the one thing that Houstonians have plenty of would be wet boots.

So send some help down there, send bottled water, sneakers or canned goods. Just make sure all of them have meat in them

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Mary Nussbaum said...

I voted for Trump and I am proud of it. I am sorry you are so angry and bitter. America needs to unite and stand together. God bless America and her people. He (God) wants to heal her. I don't hate you. I hope we can embrace our differences and raise above hate.
Love is in the ink.
Mary Kay