Monday, September 18, 2017

Take on Paul Walnuts

Imagine the shock you would be in if eight years here was a report of David Axelrod being wire tapped under an FBI investigation. You would think the entire thing was either ludicrous or we were setting ourselves up for another grassy knoll.
But with Donald Trump it won't even any on the front page for more than a few hours. Americans just don't care. We claim we are all about values and swamp draining while in fact we're all about celebrity worship. Donald J Duck is a celebrity and we don't want to see a flaw and certainly are not ready to turn off his Truman Show. Why else would this investigation into Pauly Walnuts Manafort have no life to it? Yeah a bunch of us are screaming but it all just gets lost in the wide void. Trump is a master of deflection and has mastered the art of avoiding responsibility and his followers are proving time and time again to be nothing but blind sheep. The problem is that there are 43 million of them