Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Take on TedCruz's twitter habits

There is nobody in the world who ever believes any celebrity when they say their twitter account got hacked.  This is the adult equivalent of using the Dog ate my Homework thing.   Ted Cruz's excuse for liking porn started out as a hacked twitter account and later went to the rogue staffer inadvertently liking porn.   I've watch plenty of twitter porn and inadvertently liking a post is a real fear for everybody, the little heart thing can easily get in the way when you are trying to scroll up and down.  

What is not a fear is accidentally ending up on said porn username and then inadvertently liking something.  You don't accidentally end up on @sexuallposts, ever. 

I'm sure there will be a thorough investigation and it will result in nothing unless some poor intern falls on Cruz's little sword.   Maybe it was really somebody else, who knows. 

But the chances it was Ted beating the old Cruzer is the most likely scenario here.  Glad he's never taken a hard stance and built an entire persona around hating something like that 

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