Thursday, September 7, 2017

Take on Steve Bannon's one issue with the catholic church

Steve Bannon has taken to the media like his former boss has taken to the buffet line but today he went after something even bigger than the media..the church.

In an interview with 60 minutes, Bannon goes after the Catholic Church for capitalizing on illegal immigration..  Steve Bannon, a Catholic, seems to see the church as a money making enterprise not dissimilar to Disney..

But the most laughable part of this entire thing was the raging headline "Steven Bannon says he's a 'street fighter, slams Catholic Church for being terrible on one issue"

What bothers me about this headline, and likely what Bannon said is that it makes it sounds like the Church has been wrong on one issue which might be true but not the one he's talking about..  

Illegal Immigration and the Church's role (and need) in that is debatable, but the pedophile priest scandal and cover-up is bar-none the one issue they have been ridiculously wrong on..

anyway, carry on. 

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