Sunday, July 16, 2017

Take on the worst president of all time

Hey Donald, hate to mention this but 36% <> almost 40%. We're six months into your disastrous presidency and every poll shows you dropping further and further down. You haven't accomplished anything for our country yet, although your golf courses have probably have done really well. Do you realize that your tweet a half a dozen times about attending the Women's USOpen and not once about the nuance of your healthcare bill. Then again, you are a small handed and small minded man who is not in this to make anything better or greater or even slightly improved. The only thing you want to make anything is yourself a lot of money. I'm wondering now what is a bigger turnoff of a human

- somebody smoking outside of a town pool
- somebody with a bunch of ugly tattoos at said down pool
- somebody wearing a red hat at the same town pool

There seems to be a certain while trashy overlap for all of them.

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