Saturday, July 8, 2017

Take on the Trump kids terrible week

The grown Trump kids are having a heck of a week. First Ivanka got crap for getting to sit in her daddy's seat while he went to take a leak during the G20 meeting, then it was revealed that Don jr. set up a meeting with a prominent Russian attorney with Kremlin ties and finally they found out that Eric finally cheated to get past the last level in Mario Brothers. These Trump kids are really having a hell of a week, the kind that John Henson would have had a field day covering on E!
But this Donnie jr. revelation is exactly the kind that the crazies like Seth Abramson, Claude Taylor and Louise Mensch have been talking about, so maybe those guys are better connected than we thought.

Hopefully Tiffany got into that sorority she's been pledging.

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