Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Take on HanAssholeSolo

There is literally nothing in less interested in than knowing the identity of HanAssholeSolo and I can't understand why anybody does. I didn't ask for, or read, his apology, he is an internet troll who posts a stupid gifs online and giving him any further platform actually perpetuates the problem and gives him the one thing he open forum

See don't even care that he posted a lame gif and find no reason he should apologize for it. I hate Trump with vengeance of a 1000 horny goats but I could care less about stuff like this. It wasn't presidential by any stretch but really it wasn't insulting to anybody and I really don't see it as inciting violence against the media. This is the epitome of non-violence because it's a WWE clip which literally means it isn't actually violent. The only violence it might incite -and I agree with- is the violence against a loser like HanAssholeSolo for having maybe the dumbest screen-name of any online forum I've ever seen.

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