Friday, July 7, 2017

Take on the Purim pow-wow

Trump mocked Obama and Hillary for years for not saying "radical Islamic terrorists" yet he won't say "Russia hacked the election"

Weird how that works

You just know that a guy who has made his fame as a television star should be aware that the look is sometimes more important than the content.  You'd have to think that the state department had every opportunity to fukly choreograph today's Putin pow-wow for the photographers.  There was obviously noting substantive that was going to come out of this, or at least nothing positive and still they manage to screw up the look as regardless of whtbis discussed, the optics looks bad.   This is where this administration shows it's least self awareness, the entire world is accusing you of colluding with Russia and when you leave the meeting you basically say that you looked into Putin's eyes and saw a guy you trust. 

By the way, Putin wasn't some yokel in his past life, something tells me that he's mastered the art of deception.  


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Trump can honestly go to hell... What a douche and he has no grounds to be criticizing people. I wish people would move to oust him from the government.