Monday, July 10, 2017

Take on Little Donnie Trump

Two days ago Little Donnie had a meeting about adoption, the next day the meeting also included some random dirt on Hillary and today it turns out Little Donnie knew the dirt was coming and that it came from MotherRussia itself.   Maybe this isn't illegal and I've heard a few people discuss collusion today and it actually doesn't seem like it has a place in politics (or fantasy football) by its strict definition.   What it does show is that Little Donnie was more than happy to play dirty, but even that isn't that different than normal politicians.  What is different is that Little Donnie was talking right to Vlad, a guy who everybody in the world except for Big Don, Vlad himself and Sean Hannity admit tried to hack the election. 
I expect Lindsay Graham and John McCain to come out and condemn this and then do absolutely nothing about it 

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