Friday, July 14, 2017

Take on the biggest meeting ever

The Trump jr. Meeting keeps getting bigger and bigger, every time I turn around there is another person there.  Originally it was Little Don, Jarred and Manafort with the Russian attorney lady, then we found out Bobby Baccala was there, too.  Then a Russian lobbyist who was ex-KGB (by the way ex-KGB just mean Extra KGB) and a translator and now there is another.  So there were at least 8 people at they meeting 

Read on the inter web that 

This 15 minute nothingburger of a meeting just keeps getting bigger and bigger! 

With that many people it would take 15 minutes just for the introductions and pleasantries.  You need name tags at this point to keep everybody straight 

An for a big nothingburger you are asking a lot of people to fly really far distances and take political risks, chances of this being a big waste of time is likely 0%

Chances of #8 being LittleFinger Don???  I'd say those are pretty pretty pretty good 

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