Saturday, July 15, 2017

Take on Ty Cobb

I guess Shoeless Joe Jackson was busy this week. 

Today the White House named Ty Cobb as a special council which I can only imagine means he'll come with spikes up while hating on black people.  I'm. It sure it's ever a good sign for presidents to have special council who you know by name, I certainly don't remember many other ones 
But what was the most interesting part of this Ty Cobb story was that CNN embedded that information into a tweet ( about Somali women getting attacked by sexual predators.  This tweet was tagged with a huge photo of Ty Cobb who does sort of look unscrupulous and unkempt although I'm not 100% sure that he is a sexual predator.  
So CNN might be better off tweeting that Somali story out with a photo of the original Ty Cobb 

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