Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Take on Jamie Horowitz

I literally have no opinion of Jamie Horowitz, I read something about her today and haven't thought about her since she was just a random Jewish girl I went to high school with. She has left no impression on me and I'm not even sure she was in my class but I saw that she was fired by FoxSports today which made me sort of sad for her. . They called the firing abrupt which I'm sure is true and there must be a backstory but the most telling one is the fact that Horowitz is one ugly chick (or dude I'm still not sure).

The FoxSports job must be super stressful because after only a few years at the helm, it looks like one of those photos they take of the president at the end of his term when he has gotten gray and old looking. Eight years in office ages these guys like 25 years but it's nothing compared to poor Jamie who looks like she has aged even worse

From the accompanying photo, he/she looks like a radioactive turtle which I can only blame on his/her having been bit by an infected Colin Cowherd. Anyway, here's to many more years of happy trails with whatever you plan to do with your life, Jamie. I hope the rest of your life is easier than the last few years must have been.

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