Monday, July 17, 2017

Take on the Made in America brand.

How dumb is the average American?? I'm not sure but when you see that there are still 36% of us who support President Trump despite the ass banging he's given the office, you wonder just how dumb we are. This is a president who talks about making America great while he gives a handy to his buddy Vlad under the table, this is a guy who can't even stick to his own "made in America" creed with his crappy ties and his daughters tacky shirts. This guy hates American made so much that he traded in his last words for an East European version. He hates his own kids, he's a walking hypocrisy and he looks like a bloated pumpkin yet he can't get lower. Honestly, at this point he really could shoot somebody on 5th avenue and may actually pick up a few votes (other than the dead guy of course). This is a guy who proudly talks about not being presidential but modern presidential, which apparently means appealing to the lowest common denominator always.

But this is Trump and this is us. We're all so screwed.

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