Thursday, July 7, 2016

Take on the Trump Fundraising machine

Yesterday, the NY Times had a story about Trump finally picking up a bit of fundraising steam with a $26million dollar haul which was better than before but still woefully inadequate when it comes to competing against the Big Blue Machine. Almost immediately Trump had his one tweet asking his supporters to donate to his campaign. This took away the one endearing thing about Trump, the illusion that he was self funding this thing and that because of his he couldn't be bought. Obviously that was always an exaggeration at best but at least it was something that was at least partly believable, be when he is cozying up with Big Banks and Big Money, he loses the higher ground and that might be the crack this country will need to break down his Mexican wall of isolation. Then again, the TOR editorial board has been wrong on Trump more often than we've been wrong on bad tuna.

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