Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Take on the Melania speech

The next First Lady of the United States is very good a a few things: looking hot, looking very hot and looking extremely hot, she is not, though, very good as original material. I don't bother to stay up to watch her speech after it felt that I had been berated by a very angry Giuliani although I did see clips of Donald's WWE entrance which seemed like it would have been worth saying up for. I did not see Melania which means I have still yet heard her speak although I can now catch endless audio clips of er speaking about being a black woman in Princeton. The way I see it, although I did not see it live, it seemed that it may have been worth staying up for, although to be fair, I already heard the speech once before.
We're now 12 hours away and people are still
Picking out plagiarized lines from that speech and our take is that as awful as it is, the act it came from Michelle Obama's makes it that much worse. Had this been taken from Barbara Bush or Nancy Reagan, it would have at least been justifiable for the Republican base but not this, can't wait to have Trump tell us about his own childhood growing up in Kenya as a secret billionaire Muslim

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