Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Take on Kim Jong-un's gigantic fave

I caught a tweet today about some new sanctions we are hitting North Korea with because of their disregard of anything humane. I won't get into the nuisance of the policy other than to say that Kim Jong-Un should be taken out with an exploding cigar, or in his case maybe an exploding pie.

Why is I find interesting N was that the photo of Kim that the NY Times used for their tweet was just a gigantic face, it's like they are mocking the fact that the dude has a head that would need a 38th parallel to encompass is fully

So Kim, have fun with even less crap especially in light of the stories that came out last week that it seems that even China has started cutting back on delivers into The North. But you better believe that the new Fast and the Furious ends up streaming into Kim's bedroom over

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