Monday, July 4, 2016

Take on the New World Order

Everything is right with the world again, the economy recovered from Brexit, France kicked the crap out of Iceland, my balls don't hurt that much anymore and Joey Chestnut is back on top of the competitive eating world.   I have to say that when they started the hot dog competition a few decades ago, they never imagined that a human would ever be able to put down 70 dogs and buns in a sitting. 

In 1978, the fourth year they had the completion, two dudes tied to win it by both eating 10 hotdogs   I knew a kid in High School who had 15 grays papayas in a single sitting with onions and kraut, I could even put down a 10 spot back in my college days. 

Now these guys are eating the equivalent of a calf wrapped in burrito.  

I'm just glad an American won it. 

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