Saturday, July 2, 2016

Take on the Ball Drop

A few weeks ago I was a happy, fertile forty old dude who would easily run six miles without any kind of support for the boys. I've always hung low, but somehow playing hacks sack with my sack while walking or running never bothered me, that was until I decided to go from fertile to infertile by having some quack cut my sack open.
After a week, my balls have that "20 minutes after having been kneed in the nuts" feeling. This sort of dull ache that never subsides. I also can't walk around without having some serious support, think of a chick with double D's jogging, that is what I feel like all the time now. On top of that, my sack somehow sunk further than before, I swear the bottom of my sack now touches the top of my knees. I am thinking the vas deferens was actually keeping them pulled up and now that I've cut the cord, they are just laying on the bottom of my scrotum and any slight movement means they are getting flicked.

My Life is So Incredibly bad

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