Friday, March 2, 2018

Take on the Trade War

Maybe Donald thinks that Trade Wars is a show on Bravo or something because I can't think of a good reason to exclaim that they are good but then again I didn't go to Warton (undergrad) and I haven't spent my life bankrupting every company I have that wasn't underwritten by Russians

The most disturbing development out of this Trade War thing is that the people for it (Trump, Wilburt Ross, Stephen Miller ) are all morons and they were kept at bay for this by Gary Cohn and Rob Porter.  One half of that pair is out already and the other is on his way.  
Basically anybody with any sense of economics says one thing and Trump listens to one guy who is an abject racist and the other one who is older than dirt and falls asleep after lunch.  The other one pushing for this is Carl Icahn who by the way sold all his positions in steel last week. 

Then I read this and I thought we have really gone off the deep end

Supporters of the tariffs have begun broadcasting televised ads in recent days during programs that Mr. Trump has been known to watch. One such ad ran on Fox News minutes before the president's Twitter post on Thursday morning.

How the hell have we let ourselves get to this place with the president making hugely impactful trade decisions based on an infomercial.  I don't even trust those ads to give me the perfect egg cooker and this moron is using them to shape policy. 

But maybe we can use this tactic to our advantage. We put together an ad to play at 6:30am on FoxNews saying true universal background checks are necessary to keep the guns out of the hands of terrorists, child abusers, drug dealers, weirdos and psychotics.   We can even add a line that it can be a way to find illegal immigrants.  
Really play it up to Trump and voila we have real gun reform 

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