Thursday, March 8, 2018

Take on the meeting without preconditions

So after decades of insisting we wouldn't meet with North Korea without guarantees that they would stop nuclear proliferation, the White House has agreed to do just that.

I'm actually not convinced that what we've been doing is a good strategy. North Korea still has their hands on nukes, their people are starving and deprived of most things because of the crippling sanctions and we aren't safer for any of it.
The closest thing we have had to direct contact with Pyongyang in decades is Dennis Rodman.

So I'm willing to give this a shot because, really, what other choice do we have. We aren't bringing the Fat Korean with the terrible haircut to his knees but all the normal diplomatic systems have failed miserably. I'm sure Trump and Kim Jong Un will get along great as Trump loves dictators and Kim loves anybody who can claim to have banged a porn star

Then again, I'm not sure who will be leading the delegation to actually negotiate something here as these two obese morons may negotiate themselves into a jello wrestling match.

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