Monday, March 12, 2018

Take on the Saccone Rally

Trump's rally over the weekend for Rick Saccone was as much a campaign rally for some little district outside of Pittsburgh as it was the beginning of Trump's own re-election campaign. Our president spoke for 75 minutes and mentioned Saccone only in the last few minutes and even that was done reluctantly. I guess we should be impressed that he's taking an interest in this special election, one where he has put all his cards on the table but when you realize it's not about Saccone on the 18th district it's pretty obvious why he did it. The fact he did publicly go "all in" would make Saccone losing all the better.

The beauty is that as Trump is trumpeting Saccone on Twitter, he's bashing him in private according to published reports by Axios overnight. This is Trump's out which he'll use if the tides don't continue is Saccone's favor. The stories will come out immediately how Trump knew he was a failed candidate and a slob and Trump will never mention his name again
But what I really think is that Trump thought he was coming out for a Rick Santorum event and when he showed up he saw Rick Saccone who looks like a pudgy used car salesman and Trump thought. "Who the hell is this guy, I thought I was getting that slim dude in the suits not the guy with ketchup on his tie".

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