Friday, March 9, 2018

Take on the HGTV White House.

We always say Trump's administration is like watching reality TV but maybe it's more like watching HGTV because Trump's cabinets loves redecorating

After Trump came into officer he instantly turned the Oval Office upside down by painting the entire thing in gold and apparently his cabinet got the memo. Last week Ben Carson was caught trying to buy a $31,000 dining set for his office, the news went nuts saying the Expeditors was exuberant but we really wondered something else. "What the hell do you need a dining set in your office??"

Well Ryan Zinke did Carson one better by ordering a set of $139,000 doors, were not talking about some super sectors vault door to keep all the gems he's stealing from the interior, this is your standard front door.
Let us know when we will start draining that swamp, at this rate our best bet might be November 2020

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