Thursday, August 18, 2016

Take on Trump's psychological deflection syndrome

The further along we go the more apparent it is that Trump does this textbook Psychological Deflection.  I studied psychology in college and this is an example when a person projects their own inadequacies or issues upon somebody else to deflect it from them to attribute those qualities upon somebody else 

He says that Hillary gets tired and needs to go back home to sleep in her bed when he himself goes back to Trump Tower every night

he implies that Hillary's health is an issue but the letter he released seems forged

he makes a huge thing about veterans yet gets caught up in the Kahn debacle 

he calls Cruz- Lyin' Ted yet he is caught doing the same countless times 

he speaks about the Russians having access to Hillary's server yet he has deeper ties than anybody and implored them to do it 

he called out Romney for not releasing his taxes, yet he doesn't do it himself 

he knocks McCain for being captured when he didn't even go to war

he speaks about a dishonest press yet he hires Roger Ailes and, by the way, his son in law owns a newspaper

he speaks about trade packs losing American manufacturing jobs yet he sends out a ton of his Trump branded products outside

he speaks about corruption in Washington but readily admits that he has given millions to campaigns for access and favors

he speaks about immigrants as if they are a cancer to society yet he is married to one who, apparently, came here under questionable circumstances 

he knocks Clinton on infidelity yet has had three wives one of which he apparently cheated on

he speaks glowingly about his children yet  there is the one from his second marriage who he completely forgets 

it's like kid who does something wrong but just can't avoid telling his parents that he did.  He just invites the scrutiny 

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