Saturday, August 20, 2016

Take on the new Trump

With the firing of his second campaign manager, Donald J Trump seems to have taken a new tact, although I can't imagine it won't really stick
The two most noticeable differences are the rhetoric on the stump and the sophomoric name calling on Twitter. The tweets are still happening, mind you, but it seems to have been either toned down or getting drowned out by the other tweets generating from the @realdonaldjtrump account.
By what is most noticeable is that on the stump he has been a little less edgy and a lot more lame and even he is embarrassed by it as you can tell by the way he's been wearing his Make America Great Again hat which he has pulled so far over his eyes that you can't see those nasty rat like things at all anymore

Jesus, let's hope he goes back off the rails soon because a tame Trump is a lame Trump

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