Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Take on Ryan Lochte's endorsements

Ryan Lochte needs a new marketing team because the guys doing it now are not doing him any favors. The guy is losing sponsorships for speedos when those companies should be throwing their panties at hm.

Coming off of an Olympics where he virtually did nothing all that memorable other than beat the crap of a bathroom door, would seem like a disaster but any publicist worth their salt should exploit the hell out of this.

He needs one interview with Ellen or Robin Roberts and then he needs to channel it all up and make a fortune off his image, it will never be more marketable than it is right now

If I were his team, I'd be doubling down and marketing his juvenile frat boy drunken behavior everywhere. He'd be on SNL this week beating down bathroom doors with Michael Phelps stuck inside of them, like a fratboy superhero

I'd have commercials set up with GoDaddy with him diving into an empty pool filed with beer cans.

I'd have him set up with 5 hour Energy, going to raves in his speedos.

This would be worth millions

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