Friday, August 19, 2016

Take on the fertility clinic

I thought trying to buy an at-home sperm tester at the local CVS made for an uncomfortable situation but it was nothing than having to walk into a fertility lab.

I decided to get my post vasectomy check in the city as getting an appointment in New Jersey involved having to take a half a day off of work. I find a fertility clinic who runs the test for $75, set up an appointment for lunch time and I'm off. My first issue was that when I start to walk down to the place, I find out it down to a place which wound up being basically in the East River, so by the time I get to 1st avenue and 30th street, I'm a sweaty mess. I walk in and all of a sudden, it's all a bit weird. The people working there were as professional as can be expected but honestly when you walk into a place and they hand you a cup to jizz into, it is bound to be a bit awkward. After filling out some paperwork and handing over $75, they bring me to a special room with a leather chair, a stack of playboys, a DVD player and some Vaseline and tell me to ring the bell when I'm done. I'm in a shirt and tie, in the middle of the day and all of a sudden I think that I may not actually be able to perform even if it's a solo act.

I turn on the DVD, leaf through a couple of magazines and before I realize it, I find myself beating off in a dark room in the second floor of a non-descript townhouse in Manhattan .
I have to say that this wasn't exactly where I thought I'd be when I was thinking about my future as a twenty year old.

But I'm a professional and once I got into it a bit I was able to get myself ready and finished. I wash my hands, grab a napkin, seal the cup thing and I'm off

I guess this was a better way to spend my lunch hour than grabbing a $5 footlong from Subway

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