Monday, August 8, 2016

Take on Trump's "many people"

You know whenever Trump starts a sentence with "many people are saying.." we are in for a hell of a shitstorm. Trump's entire campaign seems to revolve around, or at least be stoked by, ridiculous conspiracy theories and whenever you see "many people are saying" it's like a dog whistle for the morons who believe this crap. Today he went with the already widely debunked theory that Hillary's email account lead directly to a murdered Iranian scientist but using his technique of saying without saying, Trump is able to change the narrative from one shitstorm to another, no matter how ludicrous the assertion. His "many people" are just the wackos on his Twitter feed who are like the voices he hears in his orange head and who have about as much credibility as those homeless guys yelling about 9/11 being an inside job, Elvis still being alive, Area 51, the moon landing (this one is actually likely to be true/false), Obama's birth certificate, Beyonce's clone, MH370 going to Kazakhstan (also likely to be true), the Sandy Hook dad being a paid actor and thousands of others. But Trump can say them because he's not really "saying" it, he's just a reporter telling us what is out there. We should be thankful for bringing this stuff to light

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Baby Stu said...

Beyoncé has a clone?