Saturday, August 6, 2016

Take on the lame Olympic sports

Nothing sucks more than those lame Olympic sports that nobody cares about. I'm not talking about swimming or archery or dog throwing but the ones with professional athletes like tennis, basketball and golf. The Olympics is about the track and field and swimming events, not about the ones where a bunch of multi millionaires travel to Rio in their offseason to soak their wild oats.
First of all, these sports suck unless it's a major or an NBA final and since most of the good players don't come out, they suck worse. But that isn't the reason they really suck, they really suck because they just aren't Olympic sports, those sports are the ones defined by the fact that their biggest stage are the olympics. You couldn't get me to watch my own kid swim in a competition but I' glued to the TV to see some 6 foot 10 inch Ausie beat some bad-ass Chinese dude wearing pink shorts in the 400meter freestyle, I'd rather poke my we out than watch gymnastics, unless it's on NBC at 8:30pm in the summer and there is nothing less interfering than watch a bunch of juiced up meatheads run a 100 meter dash except when it's the biggest event in the world
I'll watch all of it but guarantee that if I see Carmelo or Venus or Jason Day that I'll turn it off because well, they all suck

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