Saturday, April 23, 2016

Take on the non-offer for Asian food

As a veteran of 15 trips to Asian I have come to expect a few things. The shower head will likely come up to my naval, every guy has the same crappy haircut and every woman gets a crappy perm as soon as she hits 45. But all of that pails in comparison to the most annoying thing about traveling to Korea, whenever I am somewhere people assume that I won't eat the local fare. Today, I wake up half way through a 14 hour flight and feel famished, I ask the flight attendant for some food and she said that they only have spicy noodles left so she will bring me a cookie. I tell her that the spicy noodles are fine and she responds that the cookie is very delicious. I tell her thank you for the suggestion but to please bring the noodles. She finally agrees to do until she shows up a few minutes later to say she doesn't have any sides and she only has the noodles which I assure her is fine.
When she finally delivers it, she hands me a fork and spoon. How many people eat Asian noodles with a fork?? I ask for chopsticks and she looks at me like I have three heads

This week is going to be great.

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