Thursday, April 28, 2016

Take on Morning Calm

I've heard of Morning Dew and the Calm Before the Storm but when I was ready to board a 14 hour flight today, I heard something I had never heard before. Apparently Korean Airlines has a five tiered boarding process. First the elderly which means a bunch of women wearing colored jump suits, Nike's and perms. Then children and pets, which means that every Korean Paris Hilton gets on board next, then they go Sky Elite so those losers willingly spending 100,000 miles per year in a fish-can get to board but then they shocked me when they announced the next tier was "Morning Calm" which made no sense at all. I guess this is for people who are not expected to give the flight crew any troubles until morning which is like getting a gold star for good behavior and finally they allowed the cattle to board like a herd getting ready to get slaughtered for Kalbi Thanks Korean Air

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